Wordaholics - R.I.C.E

R.I.C.E - A mnemonic device short for "Rest, Ice, Coffee, Explosion" meant to remind someone under the weather how best to engineer their recovery.

For a common cold, mid-level flu, or full blown food poisoning, the R.I.C.E method should be implemented to help avoid death.  

Here now, a summary of the stages: 

Rest: The worst period to consider piano moving of any kind, Rest allows a fatigued, suffering body to avoid further strain and enter into a near-coma like state of watching old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Ice: Sore areas should have Ice, also known as frozen water, applied to them to help avoid swelling, or, for a late-afternoon erotic treat.  

Coffee: A warm cup o’ joe is known to help flush the system of harmful toxins, keep a mind alert, and most of all, give struggling writers an area to congregate while listening to the latest smooth rock their dispensary has to offer.  While sick, this last step should be avoided, to let the geniuses at work continue to be so.  Besides, you’ll want to be close to home for the greatest benefit of Coffee, experienced in the final stage…

Explosion: Harmful toxins, once fully caffeinated, will flee your body like a dog running from a vacuum cleaner.  It is best to execute the Explosion of your bowels in a bathroom, specifically the toilet area, to avoid a pile of work that would otherwise interfere with your Rest.

In a Sentence: "Bailey, if you really got salmonella poisoning you best grab some ice packs, coffee filters, and toilet paper to R.I.C.E the shit out of this weekend.”