Team Jet Set lives that fly lifestyle bringing in the bunnies as fast as the moneys.

Team Waymond takes no prisoners and inhabits the magnificent mental gentrification of paradise.

Let’s take a look at their stats four episodes into Season 2, to see who might have the statistical edge in this fandom battle of the bulge:

Episode Appearances:  

  •  Jet Set- 2  
  • Waymond- 2

Boss Moves:

  • Jet Set- 2 (wearing headphones to Alice’s fridge meeting; wearing the white jacket he sports in MODEL KOMBAT)
  • Waymond- 2.5 (1 for betting on Ders in his fight for Adam; 1/2 point for still betting on Ders when the fight was off; 1 for being the new face of TelAmeriCorp)


  • Jet Set- He’s shown a knowledge of bone structure, but never threw his hat in the “Face of TAC” ring.  Some think it’s a competish he would’ve walked away with.
  • Waymond- Getting Montez the bell at his beck-and-call and acting like his intern made him out to be a glorified second banana.  Say it ain’t so, Way-Way.

Going into the next segment of the season, neither man has pulled ahead and grabbed the conch.  Keep it here for all your Team Jet Set/Team Waymond news, scores, and updates as we try to answer the question of a millennia-

Team Waymond or Team Jet Set?

You’re either for one… or against one.  Who’s side are you on?


Batman VS Superman.  Harvard VS Yale.  Pepsi VS Coke.   Classic rivals all, the defenders of each loyal to their last breath.  Today, we reveal a rivalry that trumps them all.

Team Waymond VS Team Jet Set

In the TelAmeriCorp world, Waymond is the OG.  He was in the original pilot presentation of Workaholics, and hence was the original office background favorite.  

To be Team Waymond is to be a Workaholic from the start; to rep the classics; to understand that we all came from somewhere.

Once Workaholics was picked up to series, a new maven stormed the office background, with a style all his own and the jacket to match.  This new camp splintered off from the strong Waymond contingent, to form Team Jet Set.  

To be Team Jet Set is to welcome change; to evolve; to understand that what is now, may not later be.

The Workaholics Tumblr wants to know— which side are you on?