Wordaholics - Tight/Loose Butthole

Tight/Loose Butthole: In its simplest definition, a reference to a rating on the butthole judgment scale.  Tight is synonymous with good and positive things, while Loose is synonymous with bad or negative feelings. 

Tighter/Tightest vs. Looser/Loosest apply to varying degrees of appreciation, depending on a number of factors relating to mood, weather, setting, and appearance.

In scientific terms, Tight would be 0.00, relating to the thermodynamic theory of absolute zero, or, “the absolute lack of loose butthole.”  

Loose, however, would continue beyond infinity, a staggering figure that is the undefinable amount of something being “the incalculable abundance of not tight butthole.”

In a more simplified vernacular;

  • Tight Butthole is the shit
  • Loose Butthole sucks hard

In a Sentence: “Terrance Malick’s cinematography is completely Tight Butthole.”

In a Sentence: “I find the bombastic sound mixing of a Michael Bay film to be entirely Loose Butthole.”