The Crew

Evan Ahlgren, Assistant Editor and Melany Mitchell, Music Coordinator:

Here they are editing music cues for an upcoming episode from Season 2.

Shooting in our TelAmeriCorp set means we don’t have to leave our Production Office, so checking on an episode’s progress in Post is an office away.  We tried to get Evan to give us a sneak peek at the scene he was working on, but he said it was ‘against the rules’.

You can’t watch your stupid editing computer all day, Evan.  You keep drinking that coffee, and eventually you’re gonna have to 10-1.  And when you do, we’ll hop in your chair, try to figure out how editing software works, and THEN we’ll have a sneak peek at your precious Season 2 footage…

The Crew

Lead man Josh Ritcher chats with swing gang member Shane Passantino discuss how to best make our large open space look like TelAmeriCorp’s conference room.  

NOTE: Shane kept his arm around Josh for a long time after I took this picture.  Maybe that’s why Josh was making the face.

NOT PICTURED: Set Decorator Julie Drach, who conceives the look of the conference room with Production Designer Gary Kordan and Art Director Bianca Ferro

We’ll have a special segment on Gary and the entire Art Department Team very soon. They’re responsible for such visually stunning Season 1 sets as the Dark Carnival of Souls and the Tri-Valley Amateur Bodybuilding Competition, and just wait until you see what they’re making for us in Season 2.

Fun Kelly (AKA Funk Elly), Production Secretary and Miles Crowe, Office Coordinator.

Their desks face one another, so this was actually them staring one another down.  The phones rang and rang, but the stare down continued.

All kidding aside, Fun Kelly and Miles are the eyes and ears of the Production, maybe the one is the right eye, and the other is the left ear, we’ll let them figure it out.  

The Crew

We’re shooting in the office today, meaning the ‘Vo is outside, all by her lonesome.

In the past, that meant any looky-loos or superfans could get up close and personal with her while Production is otherwise busy shooting.

Well not anymore.  We’ve dispatched PA Kyle Walsh to ‘keep the peace’ and make sure no frisky high school kids or desperate neighbors try to mess with our baby.

Best avoid the thing ‘less you feel his swing, ya dig?