Fan Fans Crafts Crafted for Fans

Made some Valentines featuring all y’all. soooo sentimental~<3



Check out some Workaholics themed Valentine’s we posted yesterday.

You can also check out more Workaholics Cards on the Workaholics Facebook Page.

And tell that special someone… the V-Day don’t end without a B-J. 

Seriously don’t tell them that.  Sure, it may work 1 out of every 30 times, but those other 29 could end with you in a courtroom.

Use these Workaholics Valentine’s Day cards for the loved ones in your life:

  • The girls you’re trying to show your penis to.
  • The guys you’re trying to climb like an apartment stairwell.
  • Maybe your parents if there’s one that works without being too sexual?

See more Workaholics Valentine’s Day cards on the Workaholics Facebook Page.

Set the mood for your Valentine’s Day with the Workaholics when they meet a "Webcam Girl", tonight at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.