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Watch as Moderator Chris D’Elia (aka… TOPHER) discusses with Adam, Blake, Ders and Kyle how they met, how they started the show, and how Adam lost his voice.

It’s a sweet trip down memory lane interspersed with yelling and cheering; and it’s only the beginning.

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Wordaholics - Water Trash

Water Trash - Derogatory term describing lower status persons located near the nation’s coasts, bogs, swamps, and most lakes.

The phrase is born out of both geographical proximity to bodies of water, and more importantly, the damp stank that can never, ever be washed off or fully hidden.  A lifetime marination in their own vile filth is the source of this nose poison, and the irony that those with so much access to bath water fail is not lost on scholars.  It is of course lost on the stink carcasses themselves, because of their often, and expected, low IQ’s.

Water Trash usually make their livelihood off tourists who inhabit their home towns, from the barkers of alligator wrestling pits to cashiers at beach-adjacent snack shacks.  Most often, their economic lifestyle is connected to the drug trade.

They differ from Carnies in that their location is often stationary to their home body of water, and also don’t know how to operate standard bumper car controls.   They differ from Trailer Trash in that they usually reside in huts, condemned franchise restaurants, or their own, currently-mobile, vehicles.  

Yes, Water Trash are their own sub-basement of society, who should not be trusted, resuscitated, or fished out of the creeks they drowned in while hand fishing.

In a Sentence: “I don’t want you hanging out with Bodie, for one that surf shop has-been stole my lawn furniture, and second, he’s nothing but water trash.”

Answer to a Fan Question

Julia asks: “wtf is water trash?”

Very good question, Julia. The term “water trash” is usually used to describe a person. That person is someone whose manner of dress and personal hygiene leave something to be desired. Water trash is always used in the pejorative sense and it can be used as a noun or an adjective.

The term is perfectly suited to describe the character, Karl Hevacheck. He wears nothing but tank tops, dirty orange pants that he found somewhere, velcro shoes that are two sizes two big and he drives a van with the words “rape van” spray painted on the side.

The origin of the term can be traced to Concord, California.