In this Sneak Peek of the Season Finale of Workaholics, we see TelAmeriCorp in the distant, war torn future.  We see how it’s changed some of our favorites.  We see how it intends to change Adam, Blake, and Ders… forever.

Because it’s time for Orientation.

Will they survive when "The Future is Gnar"?  Tune in Wednesday night at 10/9 CT, on Comedy Central to find out.

Karl. Ders. Relive the hookup you never knew you always needed to see.

In this clip from "In Line", encounter the hot connection that was kind of like when Branson took down Sybil on Downton Abbey.  It’s some real Upstairs/Downstairs shib.  

NSFW if you don’t want everyone to know what kind of down low deep seed you like to take in at your desk place.

Get excited over your Sneak Peek of Wednesday night’s all-new Workaholics, "In Line".

"IN" this clip, get ready to see what happens when Jillian gets desperate.  Real desperate.  She needs it.  She needs it so bad, what is she gonna do to get it?  She’s BURNING for it, you guys.  Someone just give it to her already!

Hey, wait a… !  It = HELP, from either Adam, Blake, and Ders, you sexual deviants.  Get your heads out of the American Pie bakery, you sugar hungry goo hounds.

See who helps who tomorrow night in an all-new Workaholics, with a hard start at 10/9 CT, spreading it’s premiere legs only on Comedy Central.   

Did you miss Blake and Jillian almost front-bumping their way out of the Friend Zone in "Hungry Like the Wolf Dog"?  Well brush your teeth, check your pits, and suggestively dive in with this clip.

Then catch more episode highlights on Comedy Central’s website.

Then tell your friend you like but you haven’t had the guts.  Time to step up, he/she’s not going to be waiting for ya forever.  This could be the start of something great; or the culmination of months worth of smiley texts, either way, it’ll be progress, and you’ll be free to make a whole new set of mistakes this weekend.

In this Sneak Peek of tonight’s all new "Hungry Like the Wolf Dog", Jillian shows the guys what happens when you underestimate a woman’s strength.

Then a dog attacks them.

Is it a dog?  Or a wolf dog?  Or… a wolf dog MAN?!?  Jillian’s cousin was played by Tyler Posey, AKA, MTV’s Teen Wolf… 


Meet Gramps DeMamp.  In all his Gun-1/Gun-2 glory.

You can see the family resemblance, in that the DeMamp men aren’t afraid to speak their minds, offend anyone within earshot, and mildly value kin over the current event they’re pursuing.

Makes you wonder what Adam’s Dad is like.  Big ole brash fatty like Big Fat (maybe George Wendt)?  Or colossal colossus like Gramps (Jackie Chan?)?  Perhaps one day, we’ll know for sure.  

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MTV News brings you the first look at this week’s all-new Workaholics, "The Worst Generation".

In this Sneak Peek, entitled "What Would Kurt Loder Do?", Blake and Ders explore an old folk’s home and come across some old school players; Peggy (“Back to School“‘s Sally Kellerman) and Arthur (Mickey Jones, one of the coolest guys of all time).

Sadly, Kurt Loder could not be reached for comment.  Neither could his leather jacket.  We’d really hoped to get an exclusive with that jacket, it’s seen more music history than Ringo Starr’s snare drum.

See living history in the form of “The Worst Generation”, this Wednesday at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

Hair Rape is real. 

If you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of Hair Rape, don’t go it alone.  Talk to a stylist, barber, or even your buddy’s Mom who knows her way around some clippers.  

Because you can’t fix yourself, until you fix your hair.  

In the meantime to help you cope, enjoy more clips from "High Art" on the Comedy Central website.