Wordaholics - Dad

Dad: In many, genetic, exactly-correct ways, the man who brought you into this world, and can take you out of it.

Your Dad is the man, as it were.  He taught you everything you know, but, as he will often remind you, not everything HE knows.  Teacher/student relations, without the tuition or text books.  You never stop learning, but neither does he; the first one of you who does, loses.  In a death sense.

Your Dad knows a lot about the business world, but also how to start that fire that’s been giving you so much trouble.  He has a budget, a snowblower, probably knows the best place to get a steak and has brought you a windbreaker from his place of business that you never wear.  

He also has your number, figuratively and literally.  Don’t you ever forget it, like you did the garage code that one time, only after you punched it in, what, for five years?

Your Dad is the man you one day want to be; but you can never be until you yourself are a Dad.  Even then, you will never defeat him, so take that out on your son and the circle… is complete.

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In a Sentence: “Please, Thor Holmvik is my father’s name, you call me Dad, if you think you’re man enough.”

Answer to a Fan Question

Julia asks: “wtf is water trash?”

Very good question, Julia. The term “water trash” is usually used to describe a person. That person is someone whose manner of dress and personal hygiene leave something to be desired. Water trash is always used in the pejorative sense and it can be used as a noun or an adjective.

The term is perfectly suited to describe the character, Karl Hevacheck. He wears nothing but tank tops, dirty orange pants that he found somewhere, velcro shoes that are two sizes two big and he drives a van with the words “rape van” spray painted on the side.

The origin of the term can be traced to Concord, California.