Carlos Ramos is back with some all new character portraits, this time taking two all-time favorite Workaholics Guest Stars: the TelAmeriCorp HR muchacho Cool Eric (from "Dry Guys") and everyone’s favorite Bazinga-ing Bad Ass, B-Rad

While B-Rad already returned this season, Cool Eric is still lurking in the far corner TAC hallways, toiling away on complaints that Waymond’s pants are too tight.  He could return, one day, when he’s not busy being Mitch Hurtwitz.

What new characters will we meet in "Webcam Girl"?  Tune in to an all-new Workaholics this Wednesday at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

Tonight on Workaholics…

TONIGHT, just ONE WEEK from the Season 3 premiere, catch four of your favorite Workaholics episodes!  

8:27/7:27 CT - OLD MAN DERS; All aboard to downtown POUND TOWN!

9:28/8:28 CT - CHECKPOINT GNARLY; B-RAD is RAD, and also, ON TV.

10:29/9:29 CTDRY GUYS; Cool Eric doesn’t care if you watch, he just wants you to use the puppets and not come to work smelling like a bar mat.  

11:31/10:31 CT - KARL’S WEDDING; Featuring Adam’s show stopping performance of "I Don’t Care".  

Then join us for ALL NEW Season 3 episodes starting NEXT Tuesday, May 29th, at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.