zachkoch asked:

Please Answer, I will blow you and I am not gay!! When does season 4 start!?!?! Please. Please, answer. Why!? Why are your seasons not longer, each episode one hour long? Come on. Look me in the eye while we hold our dicks and piss. Tell me the facts hombre.


But really, I think we’re gonna have to do a few posts about how weird is TOO weird for all our Tumblr followers.

No word yet on the official start date of Season 4; but rest assured, you’ll hear the news here… maybe not first.  Top 7.

mauriciof7 asked:

haven't seen Alice sense like the 2nd episode!! what up wit dat?

Well something’s up with your count, since Alice was in the 5th episode, "Webcam Girl".  

But who knows where you started; what if I told you she was back tonight?  What if I told you about a boss who had needs?

What if I told you, 30 for 30, “Alice and Title IX”, premiered next month on one of the ESPN’s?

Then I’d be lying.  But I’m not lying about tonight.  Alice be BACK~!

kaaydaaynj asked:

Really though, where's our DeMamp Camp shirts?

Stuck in Comedy Central Merchandise Development Hell, next to the Chapelle’s Show Rick James wigs and Tosh.0 penis-shaped Mayo dispenser. 

I’d say they’ll roll out next fall Fashion Week, if that’s a thing.  Seems like enough time for CC to realize they have a near Bear Coat-sized demand for DeMamp Camp shirts on their hands…