Wordaholics - Gay Chicken

Gay Chicken: A game in which two straight members of the same sex compete to see who is willing to go further with a homosexual act.

The “winner” is the competitor who doesn’t flinch, pull away, or secede control at any point of the game; while the “loser” is the one who has their will broken in two.  It does not matter whether either of the contestants is named Will for this to be the case.

While there is not a boilerplate version of the showdown, the most common is to have the competitors lean in for a kiss; the first to pull away is the loser, or "Gay Chicken".  There are many other versions of this game that take the sport to new levels, but the motivation is always the same.  Just a buncha straight dudes killing time before the ladies show up, right?  Sure.  

While girls can play, their version is usually called something else entirely, usually just “Hot” or “Dude, check it out” or a Tatu music video.

The game can not be played between members of the opposing sex; that’s just a Saturday night, flirting, or a family reunion gone wrong.  

In a Sentence: “You shoulda seen it, Sully took on Murray in a round of Gay Chicken and neither one backed down for like twenty minutes; got a little weird to watch, but I had to be there to crown the winner, ya know?”