It became a credo during "The Future is Gnar". After Production Designer Gary Kordan read some early story documents for the season finale, he started sketching proposals for a war torn future; set in the TelAmeriCorp office.

Then it had to become a reality. How would we turn a normal office set into a cut scene from a video game? The answer turned out to be hard work, and Set Decorator Julie Drach lead her team to their best work of the season, if not the series.

The Art Department of Workaholics made the future gnar.  I’d list them all by name here, but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, and a lot of their last names are hard to spell, but sincerely, Art-D, thank you. The episode would have looked like the TelAmeriCorp cleaning staff had gone on strike (episode idea?) without you. 

Tomorrow on the Tumblr we’ll talk about some other Crew heroes, specifically how the Costume and Make Up Departments made you believe Alice could lose her head.