The Hollywood Reporter caught up with our guys to discuss their Manliest Qualities coming out of their night in the woods.

THR also has an all-new chat with your Workaholics discussing how they’re preparing to write Season 4, their Arrested Development cameos, and what to expect from the Mail Order Comedy movie.

Checkout the all new Q&A HERE.

Poor KevinJamesFan6.  Just trying to get his DL wank on and comment on #HereComesTheBoom DVD extras.  And you people told him to suck it.  I hope you’re happy.

#GetWeird tonight on the Twitter Machine with the cast and crew of #Workaholics.  They’ll be all sorts of #Lording in the social media atmosphere…

The Lords—

Also on Twitter

May the fan misquotes and exclamation points add to your viewing experience.

#Workaholics: ”High Art”, 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

A sampling of #Workaholics tweets from last weeks’ episode show fear, excitement, humor, and hipster-hating exclusivity. 

Follow Mail Order Comedy on Twitter as they live tweet tonight’s episode—

…and you’ll want to include the rest of the Workaholics cast—

They’ll also be some fun behind-the-scenes pics and such from my Twitter, @MiddleRelief, and the always-official Workaholics Twitter feed, @WorkaholicsCC.

Watch. Tweet. Enjoy.  ”Alice Quits”, tonight at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.