In this Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) Stocking Stuffer clip, the guys enjoy the festive season of warmth and grill outside as they did on the very first Half Christmas.  

The very first Half Christmas was probably like 2007?  2008???  

Who was in the NBA Finals, that always helps me remember the year.  Were we excited about seeing The Dark Knight, or that The Dark Knight was coming out in a year?  Where did Goons live?  I know we think he’s been here forever, but he hasn’t.  Damn, this should be easy to remember.  You want to order pizza?     

In today’s Half Christmas Stocking Stuffer clip, the guys prep their cubicle for all sorts of mid-holiday festivities.

Looking for ways to turn your work space into to a party place?  Stay tuned to the Workaholics Tumblr for tips on decoration and mood setting all this weekend as we take you one day closer to HALF CHRISTMAS!