In our final Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) Stocking Stuffer clip, Adam, Blake, and Ders discuss the Reason for the Season.

It’s an important message for all of us.  Don’t lose sight of what’s important this Half Christmas, guys and gals.  

We know Half Christmas has gotten pretty commercial, but what really matters is that you spend it with the ones you love, and that cute girl from accounting, and that you make your move, braj.  She’s waiting for you to.  Why do you think she came to your Half Christmas party, the keg nog?  Have you tried it?  It’s awful!  


In this Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) Stocking Stuffer clip, the guys review their Half Christmas Wish Lists.

Now, you’re getting older, and I want you to hear this from me, not some jerk bully at school.  Have a seat.

Half-Santa Claus… isn’t real.  It’s just something real Santa Claus and I came up with to keep the magic of Half Christmas alive.  You loved it when you were young, getting your Half Christmas Wish List all ready for Half-Santa Claus… but Santa and I would read the list, pretend to “mail it” (why did you think the envelopes were so light?), and then get the stuff ourselves.  That coffee mug Half-Santa Claus got you last year?  That was me.  That room full of lavishly wrapped gifts and food two years ago?  That was real Santa.  Not Half-Santa.  

You’re handling this well.  I’m proud of you.  Now let’s drink some keg nog.